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Tokyo Disney Resort News

Power-Saving Efforts at TDR

April 19th, 2011

Power-Saving Efforts
At the Disney Themed Parks

1. Efforts to Conserve Electricity
  • General Outline

    Oriental Land will take steps to reduce the use of electricity during the summer months, in accordance with government measures for power conservation. These power-saving efforts will be implemented from April through June as well. Oriental Land will also strive to ensure a stable power supply while adjusting flexibly to external and internal factors concerning the availability of electricity. As part of the above efforts, implementations of new power generators are also being scheduled.

  • Examples of Power-Saving Efforts

    1. In the Disney Parks
      Indoor and outdoor lighting in the Parks will be reduced, but without compromising the safety of our guests. Also, the use of escalators and water fountains will be restricted, the temperature of air conditioning units will be adjusted, and electric hand dryers in the restrooms will be turned off.

      <<Attractions and Entertainment>>
      None of the attractions or entertainment programs are suspended for reasons of energy conservation. Priority in the use of power will be placed on lighting and other factors that contribute to the atmosphere, so as to avoid detracting from the guestsf experience as much as possible.
      - Escalator not in use.
      - Reduced and extinguished lights in the shops.
      - Reduced and extinguished lights in the restaurants.
      - Water fountain not in use.
      - Waterfall not in use.
      - Hand dryer turned off.

    2. In the Offices
      Efforts are being made in the back offices to conserve energy, such as reducing lighting in the offices, lobbies and corridors; adjusting the temperature of air conditioning units; suspending the use of electric hand dryers in the restrooms; limiting the use of elevators, etc.
2. Use of Power for Parades and Water Shows

The majority of power for Tokyo Disneyland parades and Tokyo DisneySea water shows is utilized by the floats and the barges. However, these floats and barges do not require electricity during the time of the performances.

Parade floats, including those for "Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dreamlights," are lighted and operated by rechargeable batteries. When charging the batteries, we also take advantage of the late night hours when general power demand is at its lowest.

<<Water Shows>>
The barges that appear in "Fantasmic!" and other water shows are lighted and powered by generators that are installed on the barges themselves.
- Rechargeable batteries in the floats.
- Generator on the barges.

3. In-House Power Generators

Oriental Land owns generators that utilize solar energy and natural gas (cogeneration system). The generated power is used in the Parks and in the offices. At peak production, these generators can produce more than approximately 3,000 kilowatts of power. Furthermore, Oriental Land is currently planning to increase the use of solar panels and to implement new generators (capacity of approximately 15,000 kilowatts, scheduled for implementation in August with an investment of about 3 billion yen).
- Solar power generators.
- Natural gas generators.

Official press release (with photos - PDF format)

-- Source: Oriental Land Company press release.

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