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Tokyo Disney Resort News

Tokyo Disney Resort Christmas 2010 Preview

August 31st, 2010

Tokyo Disney Resort Christmas 2010 Preview (48-day event)
Monday, November 8th, 2010 to Saturday, December 25th, 2010

At Tokyo Disneyland, "Christmas Fantasy" starts off with the "White Holiday Parade" The floats feature Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, Tinkerbell and Terrence, and Chip and Dale ice skating. This year two new floats will be added. At night in front of Cinderella Castle, "Twinkling Christmas Castle" will be performed.

At Tokyo DisneySea, the new "Christmas Wishes" will be presented. There will be Christmas-themed displays in all seven themed ports. From November 14th, Waterfront Park will be the site for the story revue-type stage show "Christmas Wishes". It features Christmas carols, dancing and, for the finale, a 10-meter tall Christmas tree with a grand surprise! Dockside Stage will host the character greeting show "Seven Lights of Christmas".

Disney Ambassador Hotel, Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta, Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, Ikspiari, Cirque du Soleil Theatre Tokyo, and the Tokyo Disney Resort Line will also hold Christmas-related events. Ikspiari's "Pure White Christmas" begins Saturday, November 6th.

  • "White Holiday Parade" (Parade Route; twice daily; 45 min.)

    With the snow coming in from "Snowland", your Disney friends appear in a fantasy Christmas parade! In the "Snow Mouse" float, Donald Duck and Daisy Duck have fun in the snow surrounded by toys and candies! In the "Music Box" float, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse are the Prince and Princess of Toy Kingdom. They'll wear new costumes and ice skate on the float! In the world of snow and ice, Tinkerbell and Terrence will ice skate. Under a snowflake tree, Chip and Dale will also be ice skating. To close out the parade, Santa Claus will make a special appearance with his sleigh full of toys! During the show stop, the Disney characters and elves will be dancing to "Let It Snow!"

  • "Twinkling Christmas Castle" (Castle Forecourt, various times from sunset to park closing)

    Images, lights and decorations of snowflakes and Christmas will be displayed on the walls of Cinderella Castle while a Christmas medley of songs play during this romantic time in the "Winter Wonderland".

  • "Starbright Christmas" (Parkwide, once nightly, 5 min.)

    In Christmas spirit, red and green fireworks in holiday design will light up the skies. One performance will feature "Twinkling Christmas Castle" at Cinderella Castle.

  • "Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dreamights" Christmas Version (Parade route, once nightly, 50 min.)

    The 700-meter long parade will have a holiday makeover once again with a Christmas musical arrangement and the character wearing Christmas costumes.

  • From Monday, November 1st, "Super Duper Jumpin' Time" will have a dance scene with Christmas music.

  • Atmosphere performers "Royal Herald Brass", "Tokyo Disneyland Band" and "The Bicycle Piano" will also add to the holiday atmosphere of the special event!

Event Park Decorations

A special display at the Plaza and various photo locations throughout the park will feature Mickey, Minnie and all your favorite Disney friends. A 15-meter high Christmas tree will adorn World Bazaar.

"Disney Drawing Class" (30 min., 500 yen per class)

The popular drawing class at "The Disney Gallery" will offer two new special classes for Christmas. In the first one, guests can draw Mickey as Santa Claus, and in the second, Pluto as a reindeer!

Other Special Programs
  • Haunted Mansion "Holiday Nightmare" - Sep 9th to Jan 5th, 2011
  • Country Bear Theater - "Jingle Bell Jamboree" - Nov 9th to Dec 27th
  • it's a small world - "Very Merry Holidays" - Nov 8th to Jan 18th, 2011
Special Event Merchandise

From Nov 1st, over 70 special merchandise items will be sold with the "White Holiday Parade" design of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. Pablo the Penguin from the film "The Three Caballeros" will make his debut. Including other Christmas items, at total of 110 different items will be available for sale at both parks.

Special Event Menu

From Nov 1st, "Eastside Cafe" and "Blue Bayou" will feature special Christmas courses. "Crystal Palace" will have a special Christmas buffet. "Sweetheart Cafe" and "Captain Hook's Galley" will sell a special lunch plate. Event booths will offer souvenir cups, plates and cookies with a Christmas design.

TOKYO DISNEYSEA "Christmas Wishes"
  • "Christmas Wishes" (Waterfront Park Stage, 4 times daily, 25 min.)

    From Nov 14th, the Disney characters will have a Christmas revue-style show. Mickey and Minnie are led to a mysterious place. There, the wishes of Mickey, Santa Claus and the snowmen come true one after another is a series of cute and fun dance numbers. Later, the wishes of everyone around come true as Christmas carols are sung and the mood is turned festive. The finale features a grand surprise as the bright 10-meter high Christmas tree is lit! (This show has a special viewing area lottery at "Biglietteria.") (NOTE: BraviSEAmo! will close Saturday, November 13th.)

  • "Seven Lights of Christmas" (Dockside Stage, various times daily, 20 min.)

    Disney characters wearing costumes representing the seven themed ports will meet at American Waterfront for a special greeting show. Mickey, Minnie, Duffy and the other characters will bring special lanterns from the seven themed ports to celebrate the coming of Christmas.

  • "Starbright Christmas" (Parkwide, once nightly, 5 min.)

    In Christmas spirit, red and green fireworks in holiday design will light up the skies.

  • "Big Band Beat" Christmas Special (Broadway Music Theater, 4-5 times daily, 30 min.)

    From the 1920's to 1940's, swing jazz hit its high point with the energetic sounds of song and dance. For the special event, a Christmas number has been added. Christmas songs with swing jazz arrangement can be heard while Donald Duck, Goofy, Mickey and Minnie dance! It will make for a romantic and magical moment. For the finale, the Santa Girl Dancers make an appearance as everyone sings and dances!

  • "Meet and Smile" will feature the characters in each port's Christmas costume. Guests will be able to take a photo with Ariel in Christmas wear at "Ariel's Greeting Grotto." Also, "Fun Custodial", "Tokyo DisneySea Maritime Band" and "Musica Mexicana" will also perform Christmas-themed numbers.

Special Event Merchandise

From Nov 1st, over 60 items will be on sale with the "Seven Lights of Christmas" design. From Nov 4th, approximately 20 items will be on sale with Duffy and Shellie Mae wearing Christmas costumes. Pablo the Penguin from the film "The Three Caballeros" will make his debut. Including other Christmas items, at total of 110 different items will be available for sale at both parks.

Special Event Menu

From Nov. 1st, "S.S. Columbia Dining Room" and "Miguel's El Dorado Cantina" will offer special Christmas menus and sets. Various food wagons and restaurants will sell souvenier cup and plates with a special design. From Nov. 4th, "Cape Cod Cook-Off" will have a Duffy and Shelly Mae designed souvenir dessert.

Special Event Decorations

Each themed port will be represented by a Disney character. Decorations and ornaments with these designs appear all over the park, on the 15-meter high Christmas tree in front of the S.S Columbia, and in the illumination display adorning the tunnel entering the park from DisneySea Plaza. Each themed port has a backstory:
  • Mediterranean Harbor - For those who wish to "spend a romantic Christmas with loved ones", a classic european fir tree is prepared. At night, a warm light lightens the Mickey-shaped ornaments.

  • American Waterfront - For those who wish to "have a heart-warming Christmas with everyone", a cute tree adorned with Duffy and Shellie Mae ornaments.

  • Port Discovery - A tree made by Port Discovery scientists to bring about a "white christmas." At night, the tree sparkles in the snow.

  • Lost River Delta - For those who wish good fortune on explorers, the biggest tree by the river is decorated with an ivy netting ornament.

  • Arabian Coast - Genie wishes to spend a lively winter with loved ones, so he magically created a big golden fountain in the square of Arabian Coast.

  • Mermaid Lagoon - For those who want to be fashionable, a girlish tree is decorated with coral and shell ornaments.

  • Mysterious Island - Captain Nemo's crew and Pluto set up a tree decorated with beautiful luminous crystals dug up from the bottom of the sea.

-- Source: Translated (loosely) from Oriental Land Company press release.

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