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Tokyo Disney Resort News

Four Arrested for Selling Illegal TDR DVD's

October 31st, 2007

Chiba Prefectural Police have arrested four people for selling illegal DVD's.

On Tuesday, October 30th police arrested two different couples in separate cases. They are accused of violating copyright by selling home-produced DVD's of shows and parades they filmed at Tokyo Disney Resort.

Police called them "maniac" fans who filmed the events and produced DVD's by personal computer before selling them via internet auctions with sales totalling ¥27 million.

According to authorities, between August 30th and September 20th, Morita Kensuke & Michie from Nerima, Tokyo sold eight DVD's priced over ¥10,000 each to a Tokyo businessman. Since 2004, they are reported to have sold over 1500 discs to over 1000 people with sales upwards of ¥18 million.

Yabe Kaoru from Urayasu, Chiba & Kato Mayumi from Adachi, Tokyo sold five DVD's for ¥34,000 to a Yokohama man and four others. Police claim they have sold over 6,500 discs totalling ¥9 million. There is no connection between the two couples arrested.

The crime came to light when authorities investigated after consultations from Oriental Land Company (operator of Tokyo Disney Resort) about guest complaints that the four suspects would occupy prime viewing locations to shoot the videos.

The suspects claimed that they were not satisfied with the official DVD releases of the shows and parades, so they purchased professional-grade video cameras and filmed and produced their own versions. All suspects admitted they sold the DVD's for profit.

Officials contend that this was the first arrest ever concerning copyright violations of Resort event DVD's. The copyright holder of the shows and parades in "Disney Enterprises Inc." from the United States.

2007 31 October News
Confiscated goods displayed at Urayasu, Chiba Police Station
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