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Tokyo Disney Resort News Lee MacDonald
Reveals New TDL Parade Information

February 3rd, 2007's Leemac Discusses the Upcoming Parade and Attraction

LAUGHINGPLACE.COM -- Lee MacDonald, feature writer and columnist known as "leemac" on, has released some new information regarding Tokyo Disneyland's 25th Anniversary that includes current parade changes, a new daytime parade and a new attraction.

Announced on the website's discussion forums, leemac wrote that the new parade, tentatively named "Treasures on Parade", is scheduled to debut in March 2008. It will feature "precious treasures" as part of the park's 25th anniversary theme. In the same discussion thread, he mentioned the new Monsters, Inc. attraction "Hide and Go Seek!" is scheduled to open in December of the same year.

On a separate thread, he described the addition of new floats to "Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dreamlights". Cinderella and the Fairy Godmother will be depicted in a new scene. Apparently Oriental Land Company decided to go ahead with a "refreshed" version of the current night parade instead of producing a new one.'s Thread on 25h Anniversary News's Thread on Dreamlights Changes

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