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Tokyo Disney Resort News

Profile of TDL Show Dancer
from Prince George, Canada

Monday, January 22, 2007

P.G. Dancer Living Dream at Tokyo Disney

Prince George Citizen staff

A Prince George dancer has fulfilled a lifelong dream by landing a job with one of the largest and most renowned entertainment companies in the world.

Cary Hamilton has landed a role as a performer in Tomorrowland at the Tokyo Disney Resort.

Legalities of his contract keep Hamilton from naming the exact roles he's played from the Disney classic movies, but it's safe to say that during the contract he's had a featured role where he's flying across the stage in a harness.

"The most challenging aspect of the show in the beginning was learning the lyrics," explained the 21-year-old. "The show was entirely in Japanese and we have to lip sync every line."

Hamilton, who performs five 30- minute shows per day, five days a week, is currently on a break from performing and is on a backpacking vacation through Thailand. He plans on returning to Tokyo Disney at the end of the month.

Perks of the job include living in an apartment complex among 150 foreign performers who work at Disney. Hamilton has his own furnished apartment, a daily allowance for living expenses, and his regular pay cheque is in U.S. dollars.

All this began when Hamilton auditioned for West Side Story in 1999 and met Judy Russell's family, who was putting on the production.

With encouragement from Judy's sons, Matt and Jonathan, Hamilton took his place under Judy's wing at 14 years old.

With support from both his parents, Hamilton auditioned in Vancouver for Royal Caribbean Cruise lines right out of high school. A week later, he got the call to start his training in Miami, Fla.

A month after that, he was on the job for a six-month contract travelling to the Virgin Islands, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Aruba and the Bahamas.

That job was quickly followed by another offer of a contract for a gig on a ship traveling throughout Antigua, St. Maarten, Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama then on to Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Croatia and Turkey.

That's when Hamilton decided he wanted something more.

"After my last contract with Royal Caribbean, I decided it was time to try for something better and headed home to Vancouver where I lived for five months studying dance, auditioning and working on movie sets as an extra," said Hamilton.

"I worked on X-Men 3 and a TV show called The Evidence. I also picked up an agent and started auditioning for commercials as an actor."

That's when he got the job at Tokyo Disney Resort. His next contract ends in October.

"Next year I plan on either staying in Tokyo to pursue modeling and acting in film and television or head to eastern Canada to do the same and continue to train and audition in what I do best."

-- Source: Prince George Citizen

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