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Tokyo Disney Resort News

TDR Attendance Up 3.3% in First Half of FY 2006

October 29th, 2006

Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea Parks
Attendance Figures for the First Half of Fiscal Year 2006

URAYASU, CHIBA - The total combined attendance at Tokyo Disneyland Park and Tokyo DisneySea Park during the first half of this fiscal year (April 1 to September 30, 2006) amounted to 12,044,000 persons, which is 3.3% more than the attendance figure for the same period last year.

The first half of this fiscal year started off well at Tokyo Disneyland with the special event "Lilo & Stitch's Big Panic - Find Stitch," which started in April and was quite popular over its three- month run. Things are also proceeding according to expectations at Tokyo DisneySea, where the Park’s 5th anniversary celebration, which began in July, continues to draw many guests through a variety of programs. Combined attendance figures show an increase of 382,000 persons compared with the same period last year.

Furthermore, there were a number of consecutive days in which large numbers of guests rode the Tower of Terror after its opening on September 4 at Tokyo DisneySea. Though the effect was short-term, it still contributed to a boost in attendance at the Park.

For Reference:
Park Attendance for the first half of fiscal year 2005 (April 1 to September 30): 11,662,000 persons (Tokyo Disneyland Park and Tokyo DisneySea Park guests ages 4 and above)

-- Source: Oriental Land Company release

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