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Tokyo Disney Resort News

"Venetian Carnival Market" to sell "BEAMS" Goods

June 1st, 2006

Collaboration Between Tokyo DisneySea Shop "Venetian Carnival Market" and Apparel Maker "BEAMS"

URAYASU, CHIBA - Beginning July 14, the Tokyo DisneySea Park shop Venetian Carnival Market will be transformed into an upscale boutique with an entirely new inventory of fashionable clothing and accessories produced with trendy apparel maker BEAMS. This unique line of collaborative merchandise will only be available through January 2007 at Venetian Carnival Market.

BEAMS is an apparel company that is extremely popular among young Japanese men and women. This year marks the company's 30th year of success in the fashion industry, as well as Tokyo DisneySea Park's 5th Anniversary. The two will take advantage of this special moment to create an appealing line-up that includes items such as vintage T-shirts, skirts embroidered with lace and Disney character designs, and unisex accessories. The combination of BEAMSfs design sense and Disney's reputation for quality and strong brand image is sure to create a shop filled with fun fashion discoveries for guests of all ages and styles.

The collaboration between Tokyo DisneySea and BEAMS will last for half a year, and will include a variety of summer, fall and winter items. Guests are invited to visit the Park during this period so they donft miss this a one-of-a-kind fashion collection.

Note: Due to the plans for reopening, sales of items presently available at Venetian Carnival Market will end July 10.

Official Site: BEAMS Japan (in Japanese)

-- Source: Oriental Land Company release.

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