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Tokyo Disney Resort News

"Sindbad's Seven Voyages" to Close
on September 29th, 2006 for Ride Renewal

March 5th, 2006

"Sindbad's Seven Voyages" to Close on September 29th for Ride and Music Renewal

According to the Tokyo DisneySea Ride Refurbishment schedule on the official site, "Sindbad's Seven Voyages" will close for seven months starting from September 30th, 2006. This may be due to recent rumors that the attraction is to undergo a storyline overhaul as well as featuring a new soundtrack. The attraction starring a large number of high-end "audio-animatronic" characters, follows Sindbad as he encounters various ports during his voyages.

Popular Disney music composer Alan Menken is reported to be working on the new music tracks. Some of the other changes may include adding a more cohesive storyline and additional characters to the "Arabian Coast" attraction. Official announcements have not been made. The ride is expected to open on July 4th, 2007.

The water vessel attraction is similar in type to "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "it's a small world" located at Tokyo Disneyland next door. Since it opened with the Park grand opening in September 2001, it's been a "disappointing" attraction in terms of attracting guests. It has one of the lowest guest riderships of any attraction at the Resort. Company officials hope the changes will attract larger crowds to this area of the Park.

sindbad ride

sindbad ride

-- Source: Various News and Company Sources

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