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Tokyo Disney Resort News

"Tower of Terror" to open September 4th, 2006

February 28, 2006

New Tokyo DisneySea Attraction "Tower of Terror" To Open September 4, 2006

URAYASU, CHIBA - The new attraction Tower of Terror will open Monday, September 4, 2006, in Tokyo DisneySea Park. Located in the American Waterfront themed port, Tower of Terror will let guests experience an exciting world filled with thrills and supernatural surprises.

The attraction's story is set in 1912 New York in the old Hotel Hightower. The hotel has been closed for the past decade following the mysterious disappearance of its owner, Harrison Hightower III. Now, however, the landmark hotel has been reopened so that guests can tour the premises and fully appreciate its distinct history and architecture.

Guests on the tour are able to enjoy seeing various artifacts from Mr. Hightower's eclectic collection on display around the premises, such as religious articles from famed, far-away temples and even an Egyptian sarcophagus. The tour makes its way from the hotel's lavish lobby to Mr. Hightower's private office, then heads for the owner's penthouse on the top floor.

While riding the service elevator to the upper floors, the guests encounter a mysterious force. They then experience a series of unexpected, paranormal encounters, culminating in the attraction's spine-tingling climax.

A new shop called "Tower of Terror Memorabilia" will also open on the first floor of the Tower of Terror. Converted from the hotel's spa area, the interior still has tiles and murals from the original spa.

The Tower of Terror is sure to become one of Tokyo DisneySea Park's leading attractions, adding to the lively atmosphere of American Waterfront and increasing the fun of the Park's 5th Anniversary celebrations.

Attraction Outline
  • Type of Attraction: Free-fall ride
  • Ride Duration: Approximately 2 min.
  • Vehicle Capacity: 22 persons
  • Height of Building: Approximately 59 meters (194 ft.)
  • Total Capital Invested: ¥21 billion
Guests with a height of less than 102 cm and children under age 3 may not ride. Other ride restrictions may apply.

Tower of Terror will be a Disney's FASTPASS attraction.

Background Story

The History of Hotel Hightower

The once lavish Hotel Hightower, built by multimillionaire Harrison Hightower III, is the setting for the "Tower of Terror" attraction. Harrison Hightower was a great collector of cultural artifacts, and explored various exotic regions in search of valuable relics to take home. Once back in New York, Hotel Hightower was the adventurer's favorite place to show off his latest prizes and boast about the exploits it took to obtain them. The somewhat less-than-scrupulous Hightower apparently used whatever methods were necessary to acquire the items he wanted, even at times engaging in outright plunder, according to rumor. Still, the parties he threw when unveiling the latest additions to his collection were thronged with high-profile guests and reporters.

On New Year's Eve, 1899, during a party he was throwing to introduce a strange statue he had gotten hold of in one of the far corners of Africa, Harrison Hightower III abruptly disappeared on his way to his penthouse. After that night, the hotel was closed, and no one has seen Harrison Hightower since.

After its closing, the aura of mystery and foreboding around the Hotel Hightower has only deepened. However, since there is obvious historical and architectural value to the building, the New York City Preservation Society has now started a "Tower of Terror" tour to allow interested parties a peek inside the hotel.

What happened to Harrison Hightower the night of his fateful party? You may find the answer by joining one of the New York City Preservations Society's "Tower of Terror" tours.

-- Source: Oriental Land Company press release

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