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Tokyo Disney Resort News

OLC Terminates Contract with Chuo Kohatsu

June 2nd, 2005

URAYASU, CHIBA - In response to an article in the June 2 morning edition of Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper, Oriental Land Co., Ltd. immediately contacted a representative of Chuo Kohatsu, a company contracted to provide cleaning services, to determine whether they had passed on a part of the payments received for their services to a person who is alleged to be a former crime organization member and who is now a leader of a right-wing group.

Upon questioning, Chuo Kohatsu retracted their previous answers to Oriental Land and admitted that they had made payments to Mr. Saburo Shiga and his wife. As a result, Oriental Land has decided to immediately terminate the contract with Chuo Kohatsu and has informed them of the decision.

When Oriental Land previously checked with Chuo Kohatsu about their relationship with Mr. Saburo Shiga, they responded that "he had never belonged to Chuo Kohatsu." Therefore, regarding the payments from Chuo Kohatsu to Mr. Shiga for his services as "advisor" or "consultant" reported in the newspaper article, Oriental Land had absolutely no knowledge of them.

The fees that Oriental Land paid for the cont racted cleaning services were reasonable when compared with the general market and Oriental Land does not consider that it has ever paid unjustifiably high fees.

Based on their knowledge at the time, Oriental Land announced on May 20 that the contract with Chuo Kohatsu would not be renewed on August 31, 2005 when the contract expires. However, today, Oriental Land learned that the previous responses from Chuo Kohatsu, upon which the former judgments were made, were drastically different from actual fact. Accordingly, based on the facts now known, Oriental Land decided to immediately terminate all business with Chuo Kohatsu.

-- Source: Oriental Land Company press release

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