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Tokyo Disney Resort News

"Disney's Rock Around the Mouse"
Coming to Tokyo Disneyland
April 15th to August 31st, 2005

March 28, 2005

Mickey and friends bring you a cheerful, youthful time this spring! The time is the 1950's and 60's, in America, when the big hit american oldies were very popular. Young people were crazy for dancing and fashion. Tokyo Disneyland recreates these special moments along the parade route and the Castle Forecourt Stage from April 15th to August 31st, 2005.

We see Mickey and pals during their high school days dancing with more than 80 performers in the parade. The beat of popular oldies music leads to highly-revved up car race around the plaza! Gaston and the Big Bad Wolf will make their presence felt with a tough challenge for Mickey! Clarice and the band will perform onstage! Let's go through a time warp together in the 50's-atmosphere-filled special event!

Show Story:

In Scene 1, Mickey and friends are driving along the parade route showing off their custom car floats. They start out at Fantasyland and proceed to the drive-in. At the same time, the Castle Forecourt area is converted to a drive-in theatre where one its workers, Goofy, is dancing along to rock-n-roll music blaring from the jukebox. That's when Mickey arrives.

Now in Scene 2, Gaston, from the film Beauty and the Beast, and the Big Bad Wolf, from Three Little Pigs, suddenly show up leading their gang as they storm into the drive-in and stage. The atmosphere quickly changes after that when they challenge Mickey to a car race and the loser will have to go home.

In Scene 3, Mickey accepts the challenge for his friends. As each car's engine roars loudly, the race begins around the plaza! They are both trying their darndest to win as the lead changes between Mickey and the evil gangsters various times. At the same time, Clarice with Chip and Dale and their band begin to cheer for their friend!

In the Scene 4 finale, the excitement and tension builds up. The Guests cheer Mickey and then finally there comes a winner! But who will win? Stay tuned to find out... let's have a big celebration!

In the final scene, the parade re-starts and Mickey, Minnie and their friends head off along the parade route towards Tomorrowland. Thoses guests not able to view from the central seating area will also have a chance to enjoy the show!

Event-related Activities:
  • Guests entering the Park on the debuting day will receive an orginally-designed fastener top gift.
  • The Main Gateway and other themed lands will be decorated with 1950's-era banners.
  • There will be picture-taking locations of Mickey and Minnie in their custom car at the Plaza and of the Three Little Pigs at the Plaza Terrace with a custom car shop/gas station display.
  • More than 70 types of specially-themed products will be available for sale throughout the Park as well as over 30 menu items at various restaurants.
  • Disney Ambassador Hotel will also have a special menu available.
  • Stitch, from the film Lilo & Stitch, will perform periodically with a live band playing 1950's oldies music at Tomorrowland Terrace Stage.
-- Source: Disney / Various Sources

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